with Brother ChiSing
This monthly retreat is open those who have attended any Beginners Meditation workshop at least once or have attended any weeky meditation group at least 4 times. If you are new to meditation, please come to one of our Beginner Meditation Workshops or our Guided Meditations Class.
* FREE (Donations encouraged)
Pre-registration is not required. Just show up.
Dallas Meditation Center
727 S. Floyd Road
Richardson, TX 75080
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Upcoming morning retreats:
SATURDAY, February 16, 2013
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm

This REJUVENATING morning retreat of deeper Buddhist meditations is open to experienced meditators who have been practicing at Awakening Heart / Dallas Meditation Center or similar centers for at least 4 times, able to sit in stillness, breathing silently. We practice an Integral "One Dharma" approach to meditation, which includes elements of Zen, Mindfulness (Insight Meditation), and other major schools of Buddhism.

Buddhist Ceremony
     (Incense, Recitation, Bows)

Chanting (5 min.)
1st Sitting Meditation (25 min.)
Walking Meditation (10 min.)
2nd Sitting Meditation (25 min.)
Three Refuge Bows
Spiritual Teachings & Sharing Circle

Facilitated by Brother ChiSing
Brother ChiSing Thich Nhat Hanh