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InterMindful Weekly
Week of Apr 13, 2008

Earth Day April 2008 is
"Celebrate EARTH AWARENESS" Month:

  1. Buddhist "Quote of the Week"
  2. Sunday evening meditation topics at "Breath of Life" at Unity Church of Dallas
  3. Weekend Meditation Workshop through Shambhala — April 11-13
  4. Public "Earth Day" Walking Meditation at Collin County Community College — April 16, 11 am
  5. EARTH DAY Meditation & Potluck Dinner -- Sunday, April 20 <--- IMPORTANT !
  6. Monthly "Mini-Sanghas" (small groups) forming soon
  7. Request for 10 persons to make a $108 Monthly Pledge
  8. Ordered meditation mats & cushions will arrive by April 27
  9. Beginners' Meditation Manual — available online at: weblife.org/beginning
  10. We need more volunteers on Sundays at "Breath of Life"

    "Even in the worst circumstances, acting out of these four states of consciousness [love, compassion, joy and equanimity] can have an enormous impact. "There is a story that survivors of the holocaust tell. It is about a man named Robert Desnos. One day he was told to climb onto the bed of a large truck with a crowd of other prisoners. The truck was headed to the gas chambers. All the prisoners knew that was their destination. When the truck arrived at the gas chamber no one could speak. Even the guards were silent. Suddenly there was a noise and Desnos jumped up and grabbed one of the prisoners. He told him to show him his palm so he could read it. Everyone was stunned. He looked carefully at the palm.

    " 'Oh,' he said. 'I see you have a very long lifeline, and there will be three children!' He was excited and his excitement was contagious. First one person, then another, offered his hand, and over and over the prediction was of longevity and children. As Desnos read the palms even the guards began to relax, so disoriented by this burst of positive emotion that they were simply unable to push the crowd into the chambers. Instead all the prisoners were packed back into the trucks and returned to the barracks, their lives saved. Some survived the war.

    "So live in joy, in love, even among the grinches of the world. Live in joy and in health. Let go of winning and losing. Let go of the need to judge, to insist that everyone we know should behave exactly as we want them to behave. Let go of comparisons. The Buddha called this 'conceit.' We don't need to know who we are relative to everyone else. They have their own paths and their paths aren't yours."

         — by Geri Larkin (from Stumbling Toward Enlightenment

  2. At "Breath of Life" on Sundays at 5:30-7:30 pm at Unity Church of Dallas, we are finishing up our series on the Buddha's Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path: "The Teachings of Enlightenment on Happiness and Suffering"
    APRIL 2008 is "Celebrate EARTH AWARENESS Month"
    April 13: Michael Gott, RScP, speaking and sharing music;
    Monica Lecrone facilitating
    April 20: EARTH DAY CELEBRATION — Br. ChiSing & several musicians
    (plus Community Potluck Dinner afterwards)
    April 27: Spiritual Movie Night, facilitated by Monica Lecrone
    May 4: "Awakening to Enlightenment" (part 1) — Br. ChiSing
    May 11: "Awakening to Enlightenment" (part 2) — Br. ChiSing
    May 18: *** WESAK: Celebration of BUDDHA's Enlightenment Day !!!
          — Br. ChiSing
    (plus Community Potluck Dinner afterwards)

  3. Please sign up for the weekend workshop for beginners' meditation at Shambhala. Friday, April 11-13. More info at: www.dallas.shambhala.org/program_details.php?id=12488&cid=217

  4. Br. ChiSing will lead a public Walking Meditation at Collin County Community College (Preston Ridge Campus) in honor of "Earth Day" on Wednesday, April 16, at 11:00 am. For more info: www.ccccd.edu/earthday

  5. Our next Community Potluck Dinner after meditation will be on EARTH DAY, Sunday, April 20 (meditation is at 5:30 pm, dinner is at 7:30 pm). Please bring a vegetarian dish and/or non-alcoholic drinks to share. Expecting about 50 persons or so. Click here for more info on "Breath of Life".

  6. Br. ChiSing would like to encourage members of the "Breath of Life" community to form "mini-sangha" affinity groups that could meet once-a-month outside of the larger weekly Sunday sangha. During the next several months this year, Br. ChiSing will work closely with those who are strong enough in their own mindful practice to start and facilitate a "mini-sangha." Please share your ideas with Br. ChiSing or the "Seva" Volunteer Support Team.

    * Br. ChiSing and Monica Lecrone will be co-facilitating a "Diving Deeper" mini-sangha starting in May for those who are ready to go deeper in their meditation practice and spiritual growth. Open to those who are fairly committed to their personal practice and sangha practice. More info coming soon. . . .

  7. We are looking for 10 persons to make a pledge of $108/month for this year in support of the spiritual work that Br. ChiSing and the Interfaith Mindfulness Ministries are doing, not only here in Dallas, but also in other states and countries (so far, we have about 5 persons). Br. ChiSing wants to be able to continue offering free or low-cost retreats and workshops to youth and college students in Texas and around the country. He has already offered or will be offering free retreats and workshops this year in Austin, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Denton and St. Louis, etc. Please help us to bring the message of mindfulness to more people who cannot afford high-cost retreats and workshops.

    You can give online by credit card at: http://intermindful.com/contact/support.htm. Or, you can send a check to:

    Interfaith Mindfulness Ministries
    P.O. Box 863961
    Plano, TX 75086

    Thank you for your practice of "dana" (generosity).

  8. Thank you to those who contributed to the purchase of more new meditation mats & cushions. All orders will be arriving by the end of the month, so if you ordered a personal set, please pick it up on April 27 or May 4 (and bring your checkbook with you). Thanks!

  9. One of the best beginners' meditation manuals is available online in its entirety. It is called "Beginning to See" by Sujata, based on Vipassana ("Insight Meditation"). Here is the link: http://weblife.org/beginning.

    Here is a link for meditation instructions from a Zen perspective: http://www.mro.org/zmm/teachings/meditation.php

  10. Would you like to volunteer on Sundays at "Breath of Life"? If so, please contact John Lochner at: JohnLochner  aol.com