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InterMindful Weekly
Week of July 13, 2008

Dear mindful friends,

Please read the following announcements which contain some VERY important information, thanks --

  1. MINUTES FROM LAST SUNDAY'S SANGHA BUSINESS MEETING -- Last Sunday, our evening meditation gathering was particularly lovely, with about 55 persons in attendance, even though it was a holiday weekend. And afterwards, about 25 persons stayed for our Sangha Business Meeting which was fun and heartening. The sense of community is now so very strong and sweet. Here are some of the things we voted on and put into effect:

    1. We voted YES to starting the process in becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
    2. We voted YES to starting Mindfulness Yoga classes (4-5 pm on Sundays) to begin in September.
    3. We voted YES to having a Buddhist ceremony of reciting the 5 Mindfulness Trainings (including Heart Sutra) once-a-month at 5:00-5:30 pm, starting in August.
    4. We voted YES to changing the name of Breath of Life, Awakening Heart Sangha, Interfaith Mindfulness Ministries, Gentle Zen, Day of Mindfulness Retreats, etc. into ONE umbrella name and logo -- AWAKENING HEART (and the new website will be: AwakeningHeart.org). This change will be fully implemented by September.
    5. The next Sangha Business Meeting will take place on Sunday, August 3, at 7:30 pm (dinner & childcare will be provided).

  2. This Sunday, July 13, 5:30 pm (at Unity Church of Dallas)--
    Jon & Linda Caswell fromthe Center for Spiritual Livingand "Finding Time, Sitting Still" will be facilitating the meditation. And Alva Baltimore from CSL will be speaking. (Br. ChiSing will be gone on retreat, and Communications Coordinator Cornell Kinderknecht will also be gone at a concert, and Dharma Assistant Monica Lecrone will be gone as well on a 2-month Sabbatical during July & August).

    We will need more volunteers to help with tonight, so this will be a great opportunity for the community to practice the power of Sangha. :-)

  3. Saturday, July 19, 2-4 pm (at Unity Church of Dallas)--
    Rev. Michael Dowd is one of the most dynamic and sought after spiritual speakers in the country right now. You will NOT want to miss this opportunity to hear him speak on: "Thank God for Evolution." We, along with Unity and CSL, are co-sponsoring this event, so please come and participate. The suggested donation is $10 and well worth it. You will be inspired! Check out his website at: www.ThankGodForEvolution.com

  4. Next Sunday, July 20, 5:30 & 7:30 pm (at Unity Church of Dallas)--

    At 5:30 pm, Br. ChiSing will be facilitating meditation and speaking on: "The GREAT HEART Way" (based on his experiences and insights from the retreat). A few local ministers who are friend of Br. ChiSing will be attending tonight. Feel free to invite your friends too.

    At 7:30 pm, we will have our monthly CommunityPotluck Dinner (vegetarian). Please bring something to share, and feel free to stay even if you forgot to bring something. There is always enough food for everyone.

  5. Saturday, July 26 (two workshops at Unity Church of Dallas)--

    9 am - 12 noon -- BEGINNERS' MEDITATION CLASS -- facilitated by Br. ChiSing. Sliding donation: $30 - $50 (some need-basis $10 - $30 scholarship rates available upon request in advance). Online flyer and registration available

    2 -5 pm -- RETREAT REUNION REFRESHER -- only for those who have previously attended at least one "Day of Mindfulness" retreat with Br. ChiSing before. Sliding donation: $30 - $50 (some need-basis $10 - $30 scholarship rates available upon request in advance). Online registration available

  6. Mark your calendars now --

    * Friday 8-08-08 (8 pm) at CSL-- An Evening of "BLESSINGS, HEALING, ENLIGHTENMENT"

    * Saturday, August 16, 9 am - 5 pm at Unity -- "DAY OF MINDFULNESS" Retreat w/ Br. ChiSing (the next retreats will be on October 4 at CSL and on November 1 at Unity)

    * Sunday, August 17, 5:30 pm at Unity-- Br. ChiSing's pre-concert for his upcoming first music CD: "Buddha's Breath" (with Michael Gott & several other musical friends)

    *Join Br. ChiSing as one of his classmates as he takes the "Science of Mind" Foundations class at CSL taught by Rev. Petra Weldeswhich is a 10-week class on Tuesdays starting on September 23 (with a retreat on Saturday, November 8).

    * Br. ChiSing will be teaching a 4-week "GENTLE ZEN" class at CSL on Mondays starting on October 6 (with a free "Evening of Mindfulness" on September 29). Cost: $108.

  7. 6-week CHRISTIAN MEDITATION class --
    Br. ChiSing would like to teach a 6-week course on CHRISTIAN MEDITATION this Fall, most likely on Wednesday evenings. He needs help in finding a large Christian church in Dallas that would like to host or sponsor this class. Based on Fr. John Main & Fr. Laurence Freeman's approach: www.WCCM.org

  8. Br. ChiSing's Music CD Project: "Buddha's Breath" --

    Dear friends, I will be recording my first music CD this summer, entitled: "Buddha's Breath." This project will cost me about $4,000 - $8,000 to produce. I would like to askfor 4 to 8 personsto lend $1,000 / each without interest, which will be paid back in full by December 2008. This will helpme cover the costs of the music production this summer. Thank you so very much. This music CD project is a dream come true for me! Tom Prasada-Rao of "The Dreamsicles" has agreed to be my music producer, and Michael Gott will be my music coach on the project. How wonderful! -- Br. ChiSing :-)

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In joyful gratitude,