InterMindful News - Newsletter for the Sangha - Dallas, Texas
InterMindful News
May 1, 2010

Buddha Paint Enlightenment Month - May 2010 Dear mindful friends of "Awakening Heart" —

In the month of May, we celebrate "Enlightenment Month," a joyful time in our calendar when we observe the Buddha's Birthday and Enlightenment. In our western calendar, we also celebrate Mother's Day. In Dallas, our sanghas will be holding several special events throughout the month. A very important part of this month includes the opening of the new Dallas Meditation Center, which, among other purposes will become the home of the Serenity Sundays gathering.

On the weekend of May 22-23, there will be an Open House at the new Center with several activities and events, culminating in our yearly celebration of Buddha's Birthday on Sunday, May 23.

For details of all the events during the month of May and a message from Brother ChiSing, see the pages of the Awakening Heart May 2010 Newsletter below. You may click on either of the pages to download a PDF of the newsletter or you may click here to download the newsletter.