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InterMindful News
June 1, 2010

Buddha Paint Dear mindful friends,

This month, we are celebrating new beginnings as we approach Summer Solstice, symbolic of the Positive Masculine energy of the "Infinite Light" of Amitabha, our universal Buddha Nature.

I will be present at all the meditation groups during June, along with my co-facilitator Shelley Niebuhr, especially on Sundays and Wednesdays at the new Dallas Meditation Center. We will be co-facilitating along with other solid practitioners all summer long.

The theme for the summer is "Awakening Joy."

I am writing to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I facilitated a few meditation workshops for beginners and advanced practitioners. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive, it is so encouraging. My new approach to teaching Dharma has been very powerful and effective. The new approach is a unique blend of specific sequences of practices that focus on the Heart of Lovingkindness (Amitabha = bodhichitta = metta = compassion, etc.), blending the essence of Zen, Vipassana, Pure Land and Tibetan Buddhist methods. It is a harmonization of devotion, discipline and delight. The result is a profound opening of Peace, Joy and Nurturing Power within just 3 hours.

Awakening Heart Newsletter I encourage you to attend group meditation every week this summer. This will help prepare us to experience the next profound collective shift that is to occur in October this year (10-10-10) on the way toward 11-11-11 (Oneness) and the Great Shift of 12-21-12 (the Great Re-Reversal).

These are just numbers and dates, of course, but they can be utilized to our advantage through our mindful intentions. We are co-creating a "New Earth" together. And we can do it ... playfully! Why not? :-)

Please check the website each week for updates: www.AwakeningHeart.org and see our June 2010 Newsletter. Also, check out the Dallas Meditation Center website (www.DallasMeditationCenter.com) to see all that is happening there.

And enjoy the following adapted excerpt by Mark Unno, a Pure Land Buddhist priest —

"In the Pure Land Buddhist path, the emphasis is on Buddha's compassion for all sentient beings. As human beings, our ability to convey compassion to other people and creatures comes to us through the cosmic compassion of Amitabha Buddha of Infinite Light, Love and Life. Yet, Amitabha Buddha of Infinite Light is not viewed as being separate from us; rather, Amitabha Buddha, as boundless compassion, is our deepest, truest nature. For Pure Land Buddhists, nature and the universe are filled with boundless compassion.

"Our compassion comes to us from the deepest reality of oneness that we call Amitabha. The deep feeling of oneness, the reality of boundless compassion is always there, if only I would awaken to it. In this way, the ever-present compassion of life itself, of Amitabha, my own nature, breaks through my ego-self into the realization of boundless compassion.

"Each of us rises up with life, like water seeking to escape the salty seas of suffering, forgetting that liberation rests not in escape but in immersing ourselves in the very depths of suffering. Illuminated by the limitless warmth of the sun, we are reminded to return to our own true nature, in the ocean of suffering.

"The clouds of ignorance release the sweet rain that descends, filling the ocean. The salty seas of suffering are transformed into the warm waters of boundless compassion. Each of us, these unique raindrops filled with suffering, just as we are, enters and becomes the Ocean of Compassion. Rising and falling, rising and falling, we take this journey, over and over, forever and ever.

"All beings are one with me, and I am led to become one with all beings. Illuminated, touched, embraced, and dissolved into the great Ocean of Compassion. I entrust myself to Amitabha, my deepest, truest reality. Namo Amitabha Buddhaya!"

In gratitude to the Infinite Light of our Awakening,
Brother ChiSing