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February 3, 2011

Chakras Spiritual Director ChiSing Dear mindful friends,

Happy Lunar New Year! I love this "real" New Year, unlike the common Gregorian new year which doesn't have any correspondence to Nature at all. The Lunar New Year takes into consideration the solar, lunar, stellar and terrestrial cycles in harmony together. It always occurs each year on the New Moon in Aquarius. And for some reason, we have the most attendance at Sangha on the Lunar New Year meditation/celebration in Dallas than on any other time of the year (in past years, we have had 100-200 persons attending our Lunar New Year meditation/celebration). I purposely am not calling this the "Chinese" New Year because I believe it can be a universal celebration for ALL peoples, including Westerners in America, even right here in the Bible Belt of Texas. Somewhere deep in our collective human psyche, I believe there is an innate recognition of this "real" New Year. I believe we in the West are beginning to awaken to the deep wisdom of Buddhism and other Asian wisdom traditions that point to a universal human spirituality for all.

Awakening Heart, 7-Week Spiritual Practice Period In just two years, we will be the generation to experience the "Great Shift" symbolized by the cosmic date of 12-21-12. This is a symbolic date, not to be taken literally, and it is certainly not about the end of the world. Rather, it is a symbolic call to action, to awaken, to become enlightened together in a collective movement toward global harmony and human maturation. Let us use this opportunity to challenge ourselves. What if we could become initially enlightened in just two years? What path will we choose now to realize this intention? I truly believe it is possible for us. But we must re-prioritize our lives NOW.

Awakening Heart, Lunar New Year 2011 12-21-12. 12 means 1 ("Divinity") comes first and thus 2 ("Humanity") naturally has its place in right Divine order. But we have lost our way as a species over the last several centuries, putting 2 ("Human Ego") before 1 ("Divine Will") leading to great suffering and confusion. But now we are entering into the century of the Great Shift, the Great Re-Reversal, in which Divine Right Order once again will be taking its rightful place with 1 ("Unity") as the harmonious basis of 2 ("Diversity"). 12-21-12.

Let me mention once again the 7 Spiritual Practices I recommend for us all to commit to:

  1. Daily Meditation (if possible, at least 20 min. in the morning and evening)
  2. Weekly Sangha (at least once a week or more)
  3. Mindfulness of "Namo Amitabha" (Opening the Heart to Infinite Light) throughout the day
  4. Spiritual Reading (I recommend "Old Path, White Clouds" by Thich Nhat Hanh)
  5. Healthy Diet (vegetarian or semi-vegetarian)
  6. Body-Mind-Spirit Integration (Yoga and/or Qigong)
  7. Generosity (volunteerism and financial support of the Sangha) -- for example: 20/20 Sangha Vision "program of abundance" (or $108/month)
I am making a re-committment to the Path of Enlightenment once again today. Will you? I invite you to join me and all your other brothers and sisters in this Great Re-Committment. The Great Shift is upon us. The Great Re-Reversal is happening NOW. You either say YES, or by your silence you are saying NO; and "Maybe" is no longer a possible option anymore.

Brother ChiSing


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