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April 1, 2011

Chakras Spiritual Director ChiSing SPRING
April 1, 2011
(Seven Seasons of Enlightenment)

Dear sisters and brothers of Enlightenment,

Happy April Spring Season! This is a very special Spring, for it is exactly 7 seasons til the Great Winter Solstice of 12-21-12, a symbolic date of the Great Spiritual Shift. I encourage you to make a commitment NOW to dedicate yourself to the Path of Enlightenment and to transform all areas of your life (symbolized by the 7 chakras) as well as to practice the "Seven Great Practices" (click here).

If you like, you can focus on 1 chakra per season, such as:

Spring 2011 - 1st Chakra (elemental) - Incarnation (Law - societal) - foundation
Summer 2011 - 2nd Chakra (erotic) - InterBeing (Law - familial) - creativity
Autumn 2011 - 3rd Chakra (egoic) - Individuation (Law - personal) - willpower
Winter 2011/2012 - 4th Chakra (empathic) - Intimacy (Love) - heart
Spring 2012 - 5th Chakra (expressive) - Inspiration (Life) - manifestation
Summer 2012 - 6th Chakra (enlightening) - Insight (Light) - wisdom
Autumn 2012 - 7th Chakra (Eternal) - Infinity (Limitless) - BEING
Spring abundance is in the air. I can honestly now say that, YES, we are doing it! Awakening Heart and Dallas Meditation Center are finally a SUCCESS story in the making! Last year, we won the "Best Quiet Spot" Award from Dallas Observer. Attendance and donations are at an all-time high now. We have THE BEST new administrative assistant: Bobbie Perkins. We have a few new tenants who are moving into the building, including Christine Clemmer, a wonderful massage therapist. We have had wonderful guest speakers, including Zen Master KOSHO (with over 60 attending last Sunday's Sangha). The monthly Beginners Meditation Workshop is full to overflowing. There is a class or event happening at DMC almost every day and night this entire month. And the energy of the building is amazingly deepening… I hear people every week remarking how peaceful they feel after just even walking into the building!


During these next 8 weeks of the "Enlightenment Practice Period," we will be preparing for WESAK (Buddha's Birthday, Enlightenment & Nirvana) in May (Enlightenment Month). Starting in May, we will add MORNING SILENT MEDITATIONS at 7:00 am in addition to the Noon Meditations and the Evening Meditations, Mondays-Thursdays. We will have our first Weekend Mindfulness Retreat on May 13-15, plus Zen Teacher Gaelyn Godwin's visit on Mother's Day (May 8), and DMC's "ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY" on May 15 and the production of our very first [lip-sync] musical comedy play on the Buddha's life on May 22! More info on that coming soon…

Please print and post the April Calendar (click here), and check the DMC website calendar (www.DallasMeditationCenter.com) for updates.

Brother ChiSing


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