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August 4, 2011

Buddha Wisdom Message of Wisdom from Brother ChiSing
"God, Buddha, Love & Everything Else!" (The Seven Great Awakenings, etc.)

Dear Students of Enlightenment,

Namaste Y'all!

On August 1, I received the full ordination of a Bhikku Monk, with the spiritual name of Chawano which means 'Wisdom" in Pali (coincidentally, my Chinese name ChiSing also means "Wisdom" Abundant). I felt a surge of spiritual energy during the sacred ceremony, wow! I will be leaving the monastery a little early this week for personal retreat and to attend the Mindfulness Retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh in Vancouver next week. (Synchronistically, by the way, I was meditating and wishing last week that the Vancouver retreat were not full because I really had wanted to attend, and the next day when I checked my email I was informed that spaces were suddenly made available last minute!)

I had some very powerful insights during meditation last week, which I will share more with you when I return on Sunday, August 14, 5:00 pm, at "Awakening Heart" (Dallas Meditation Center). I want to encourage all of you to attend that Sunday and the following two Sundays, especially on August 28 which will be the celebratory start of our new "Spiritual Practice Period" of 11 weeks before 11-11-11 as well as my BIG 42nd BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION with potluck dinner (this is a big birthday for me, as I enter into and begin the "Sabbath" 7th cycle of the next 7 years from age 42 to 49).

Here are some of my insights from meditation at the monastery in brief outline form --

"God" is an English word which we use in very different ways. "God" is a word that refers to the Infinite Source Reality of all things and all beings. Buddhists use many words such as "Buddha Nature" to point to this same reality which others may call "God" or "Allah" or "Elohim" or "Christ Consciousness" or "Great Spirit" or "Wahe Guru" or "Brahman" or "Tao" or "Universal Mind." All such words are limited at best and deceptive at worst. The Reality to which these "God" words point is much greater than the human mind can conceive or label. That is why Buddhists sometimes use the word "Emptiness" to point to this "God" Reality, since the Infinite Source Reality is "empty" of any and all of our limited concepts or words. However, it is fine to use the word "God" so long as one's definition of this word is open-ended, non-dogmatic and trans-personal.

After all, "God" is not a person or a being. "God" is the Totality of all persons and all beings, as well as the Source of Personhood and Beingness Itself. God is not "personal," except through each person, especially those persons who have matured into full Enlightenment, whom Buddhists call "Buddhas" and "Bodhisattvas." God or Buddha Nature Itself is not personal, but It becomes personal in, through and as each one of us, especially when we become fully Enlightened. Therefore, if we want to feel the personal aspect of the Transpersonal God, all we have to do is look to a Buddha or the Buddha Within. And what a Buddha is, we all can and will become. There is no separation between Enlightened Beings and not-yet-enlightened beings. There is no separation between us and "God."

As I meditated for several hours and days last week at the monastery, I received inner guidance to use the mantra "God is Love" during one day of my meditations. As I allowed this "God is Love" mantra to open up deep reservoirs of wisdom within my heart, I began to receive insights into the Nature of the Universe and the purpose of human life on Earth. Here are some of my insights in outline form (please come on August 14, 21, and 28 to receive the insights in full) --

Humans are on Earth to experience Seven Great Awakenings:
  1. God is Real
  2. God is One
  4. God is in All
  5. Release all that hinders Love
  6. Cultivate all that supports Love
  7. Become a Fully Enlightened Channel of Love
Different religions have specialized in different aspects of these Awakenings, very generalized such as:
  1. God is Real -- Hinduism
  2. God is One -- Judaism / Islam
  3. God is Love -- Christianity
  4. God is in All -- Earth Spiritualities
  5. Release all that hinders Love -- Taoism
  6. Cultivate all that supports Love -- Confucianism
  7. Become a Fully Enlightened Channel of Love -- Buddhism, etc.
Also, they somewhat correspond to different Chakras, in general, too:
  1. God is Real -- 2nd Chakra
  2. God is One -- 3rd Chakra
  3. God is Love -- 4th Chakra
  4. God is in All -- 1st Chakra
  5. Release all that hinders Good -- 6th Chakra
  6. Cultivate all that supports Good -- 5th Chakra
  7. Become a Fully Enlightened Channel of Love -- 7th Chakra
I also wrote a beautiful new "Amitabha" chant this week, plus a little song to the tune of "Morning Has Broken" --
Mindfully breathing,
Joyfully walking,
Peacefully sitting,
Sharing a bow.
This is the Buddha,
This is the Dharma,
This is the Sangha,
Here and Now.

And the most important Insight I received so far during my summer monastic retreats can be summed it in this one sentence:

"TRUE SPIRITUALITY is less about mental beliefs

Okay, so there you have it, folks: Wisdom from the Monastery ... straight from the MONKey's mouth.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Amitabha ha ha ha!


In the Infinite Light, Love and Life of the ONE-in-ALL,
Brother ChiSing

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