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InterMindful News
August 17, 2012

Dear members, friends, volunteers and supporters of the DALLAS MEDITATION CENTER,

Thank you to those of you who have been faithfully supporting DMC with your presence, time, money, and/or volunteer help during the last two years. Without you, this successful wellness center could not exist in the Dallas area.

This is just an occasional reminder and request for your continued support.

Here is our current monthly budget ($ 7,000) --

Spiritual Director (Brother ChiSing) -
(current actual: ZERO because of not having enough monthly pledges & tenants)
Administrative Assistant (Bobbie Perkins)
Webmaster, Musician, Handyman, etc. (Cornell Kinderknecht)
Children's Program
Guest Speakers and/or Guest Musicians
Supplies, Repairs, Misc., etc.
Give away 100 free CD's each month
Monthly Gift Donation to Plum Village Monastery & other Buddhist charity organizations

(current actual = $ 5,000 by giving ZERO to Brother ChiSing)

Subleasing Tenants (current actual: $2,000)
Sunday Donations & Monthly Pledges (current actual: $1,000)
Brother ChiSing's Monthly Saturday Retreats & Workshops
Yoga, Qigong & Tai Chi classes
All other events

TOTAL INCOME = $ 7,000
(current actual = $ 5,000)

As you can see, our $7,000 monthly budget balances out each month, with no savings. During certain summer and winter months, our income is less than our expenses. In those cases, I take a $1,000 cut from my monthly intake, sometimes a total cut (- $2,000), like this month.

During this summer, we lost 3 subleasing tenants, totaling a loss of $1,600 per month. We truly need your help in finding 3 new tenants to replace the ones who left.

Also, during the summer, there were several Sundays when, instead of collecting the minimum $250 per Sunday that we need, the donations totaled just $50 or so, even though there were at least 25 persons present. That's just $2 per person on average! Many put in $20 bills, so that means a majority of attendees gave ZERO dollars when they came. Surely, we can do better. Even if everyone just gives $10 per week, or even just $5 per week, that would help us to meet our minimum needs. Of course, if all 50 persons who attend Sunday meditation gave just $20 each week, we would not even need any subleasing tenants! :-)

In addition to the donations we receive at our main Sunday meditations, we also need a bare minimum of $1,000 in monthly pledges. That's just 10 persons giving $100/month, or 20 persons giving $50/month. This is not a lot to ask, and yet we are only receiving about $500 in monthly pledges right now. And only half of those who promised to make a monthly pledge earlier this year actually followed through. So, this letter is an encouragement to you to make a commitment to support DMC, and then also to follow-through on that commitment. To those handful of individuals who have been faithfully supporting us through thick and thin, I want to say a GREAT THANK-YOU to you, for without your continued support (some making $1,000 donations), we would not have survived to this day. You are truly BODHISATTVAS! :-)

On another note, we are halfway finished with our process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization. A special THANK-YOU to John Douglas (lawyer) who is helping us for FREE ("pro bono"). In just a month or so, you will be able to make tax-deductible donations to DMC. Yay!

And finally, we are still waiting to hear whether our current building will be sold for demolition and renovation or not. It's still a 50/50 chance, so there is still a possibility that we won't need to be moving out anytime soon. If we do have to move out in 2013, I hope we can all co-manifest a wonderful,new, larger, and more beautiful SACRED SPACE for all of us to grow into next year. Bodhi Svaha!

If you would like to make a one-time gift or monthly pledge of financial support, please contact Bobbie or click here:

Thank you! And I hope to see you all this Sunday 5-7 pm!


In joyful gratitude,
Brother ChiSing

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