October 25 - 27, 2013
A weekend residential retreat — Friday 6:00pm through Sunday 2:00pm

Directions to PRAXIS Retreat Center
Coming from Dallas:
  • Get on 75 going North out of Dallas, and continue on past McKinney, until you come to the Hwy 121 exit to Bonham.
  • Get on Hwy 121 and stay on is all the way until you merge with Hwy 56 into Bonham.
  • Continue into Bonham, and turn left (North) onto Hwy 78.
  • Continue out of Bonham on Hwy 78 until you come to a blinking red light. Turn right onto FM 273.
  • Continue on FM 273 across the fingers of Lake Bonham, up through Ivanhoe, continuing until the road curves to the right and you come upon FM 2554 (which says Duplex/Elwood - 6 miles).
  • Turn left onto FM 2554 and continue 6 miles to Elwood. The pavement will end and the road will become gravel.
  • Stay on the gravel road 1/2 mile until you come to Elwood Forest Lane.
  • Turn right onto Elwood Forest Lane and continue. Cross the gates and YOU'RE THERE.
  • Pass the first house with green trim on the left and then park in front of the two-story Retreat House on the left.

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