Foundational Practices

1) Sitting Meditation (daily) – begin with 5 minutes in the morning and/or evening, then gradually add minutes until you are able to meditate for 30 minutes or more.
2) Walking and Eating Meditation – practice this anytime you think of it; you can also practice hugging meditation, washing dishes meditation, etc.
3) Spiritual Reading – when doing spiritual reading, read slowly and reflectively; this is not about speed reading or the collection of mere data, it is about listening to the Great Wisdom of the Universe finitely expressed through human words.
4) Nature – take time out at least one day a week to get in touch with the beauty of Mother Earth – the green grass, trees, flowers, lakes, hills, sky, animals, birds, etc.
5) Loving and Being Loved – give and receive kindness with an open heart everyday; service is "karma yoga."
Supplemental Practices
6) Journal-writing – write from the heart, in stream-of-consciousness style, without judgment or the need to write perfectly.
7) Creative Arts – express yourself through music, painting, dance, gardening, cooking, or whatever form of creative arts that resonates with you.
8) Ritual – create an altar at home, light candles, burn incense, pray, chant, bow, or do whatever form of ritual that most helps you to open your heart to the Divine.
9) Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. – get grounded in an embodied spirituality through physio-spiritual exercise practices such as yoga or tai chi, etc.
10) Spiritual Counseling – develop spiritual relationships that are nurturing; this can be individually with a therapist, minister, friend, meditation coach or spiritual counselor; and it can also be in a group context as well, such as a support group, sangha, church or other spiritual community.