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From Easter to Buddha's Birthday
54 Days of Awakening
April 4 - May 27, 2010

From Brother ChiSing
April 4, 2010

Dear mindful friends,

This year, I am starting the beginnings of a new movement called: "THE SEASON FOR ENLIGHTENMENT." It will be observed from Easter to Buddha's Birthday each year. This year, it will just be a personal and local observance. Next year, I hope to have several churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques involved, and then in 2012 I hope it will become a national movement, and then in 2013 and beyond a global movement. Who knows?

Anyway, please use these next 8 weeks as an opportunity to practice more meditation and spirituality in your daily and community life.

Here are 8 practices I encourage you to follow:

  1. Daily Meditation (ideally at least 20 minutes in the morning and/or evening)
  2. Regular Group Meditation (ideally at least twice a month)
  3. Attend a Meditation Retreat (daylong, weekend, or weeklong)
  4. Volunteer and donate about 10% of income to a Mindful Community
  5. Read enlightened books and listen to nourishing music
  6. Spend some silent time alone in Nature
  7. Eat nutritiously/compassionately and exercise (yoga, qigong, etc.)
  8. [come up with your own practice committment]
Please meditate in solidarity with the following major spiritual traditions, and learn about the best essence of that tradition for that week, applying those principles into practice —

Week 1 (April 4-10): Christianity
Week 2 (April 11-17): Judaism
Week 3 (April 18-24): Earth Spirituality
Week 4 (April 25-May 1): Hinduism
Week 5 (May 2-8): Islam
Week 6 (May 9-15): Sikhism
Week 7 (May 16-22): Taoism
Week 8 (May 23-27): Buddhism

Your ideas, readings, comments and suggestions will be helpful in creating a booklet of practices for next year's "Season for Enlightenment."

Thank you!

In joyful gratitude,
Brother ChiSing

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