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Letter of Encouragement from Brother ChiSing
September 5, 2010

(written from a Russian Orthodox monastery on a green forested island under a beautiful sunlit sky with sprinkles of clouds)

Dear aspiring bodhisattva,

Today marks the halfway point in our 10*10*10 Ten-Week "Spiritual Practice Period."

Reflect today on how it is going so far. Then let go of any guilt or pride, and start afresh and begin anew once again today.

Feel my support, feel the support of the other 100 persons practicing with you, feel the support of all mindful practitioners, feel the support of all Buddhas and bodhisattvas, feel the support of AMITABHA, the One Infinite Light beyond and within all beings and expressions.

And give that support to all.

This is the meaning of AMITABHA -- which is infinite Light, Infinite Love, Infinite Life --

Receiving and giving, breathing in and breathing out, yin and yang, sitting meditation and walking meditation, silence and sound, canvas and paint, transparency and color, releasing and embracing, resting and working, BEING and DOING…

AMITABHA is the One Infinite Light that shines in, through and as all Buddhas and bodhisattvas. AMITABHA is the Light of God, the Light of Christ, the Light of Allah. AMITABHA is the Light that shines through Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the Light of the Goddess, Earth Mother, the Queen of Heaven. AMITABHA is the Light of the angels and the Light of humanity. AMITABHA is the Light of Waheguru, Wakantanka, Wu Wei. AMITABHA is the Light of the Tao, the Logos, the Torah. AMITABHA is the Source of who we are and the Destiny of who we are all becoming. AMITABHA is the One Infinite Light that transcends and includes all religions, all traditions, all paths, and all peoples. AMITABHA is Infinite Light, Infinite Love, and Infinite Life. AMITABHA!

Last night and this morning, I attended the evening service and the morning service here at the Russian Orthodox Monastery where I'm staying for a few days. Both services lasted for about 3 hours each, and all the while staying standing! Wow, it sure made me appreciate the Buddhist practice of sitting meditation and mindful walking, LOL!

I had wanted to stay at the Buddhist monastery nearby, but they were booked solid, so I decided to stay with the Russian Orthodox monks instead. To me, a monastery is a monastery, it makes little difference the religious affiliation. It is the practice of silence, mindfulness, spiritual living, Nature, and lovingkindness that is the common ground of all monastic life.

After each 3-hour service, I felt the same bliss and spaciousness and open-heartedness that I feel after an hour of yoga or meditation or chanting. I felt AMITABHA, the One Infinite Light, shining through all the icons and candles and music and rituals. I felt AMITABHA expressing through Jesus and Mary and all the saints, monks and people present. And now, as I am writing this letter of encouragement to you in a beautiful grove in the forest facing an icon of the Theotokos, I can feel AMITABHA Light in the trees, the flowers, the grass, the birds, the wind and the fresh air too. There is only the Infinite Light here. And I am One with it All, as are You!!!

Please re-commit to the Ten Spiritual Practices for the next 5 weeks. Intensify your practice and you will definitely feel the same joy, love and peace that I am feeling right now! AMITABHA woohoo! LOL! :-)

And if you want to go deeper in the first primary practice, simply chant "AMITABHA" silently in your heart with every breath throughout the day ceaselessly in every moment, while walking, while sitting, while working, while playing, while eating, while conversing, while loving, while resting, while doing anything and everything or nothing at all! AMITABHA, AMITABHA, AMITABHAAAAAAAA!!!

LOL!!! Oh what silly, crazy, goofy, funny, and gloriously messy Buddhas we all are! LOL!!!

Brother ChiSing

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