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AMITABHA - resources to support your spiritual practice
October 27, 2011


► Click here for my favorite "Namo Amitabha" chant (it is in Mandarin Chinese, and they are pronouncing it as "Namo Amituofo")

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► And click here for one of the best introductory books on Buddhism

Dear Students of Enlightenment,

If you are able to meditate at least 20 minutes every day, what a wonderful gift you are receiving and giving!

But if not, do not worry, for you can always practice "Mindfulness of the Buddhas" at any time throughout the day or night. One way to practice "Buddha-Mindfulness" is to chant "AMITABHA" (Infinite Light). To practice chanting "Amitabha" is a gift of support to you from all Enlightened Ones. And it is also a gift you are giving to all suffering beings. To meditate, or to chant, is always a gift that you are both receiving and giving simultaneously. The same is true of the prostration practice of bowing, which is Buddhist yoga. All spiritual practice is both a gift we receive as well as give at the same time.

Every Buddha creates a field of enlightened energy, called a "Buddha-kshetra" or Pure Land. It is a field of energy that is available to support any and all suffering beings. We can access this Buddha-field through meditation or chanting, through "Mindfulness of the Buddhas." As we access the Pure Land through chanting "Amitabha" for example, then eventually we become so one with the Pure Land that our every thought, word and action becomes a manifestation and channel of the Pure Land, here and now, on the Earth. We become the access points of the Buddhas' Pure Land on Earth. Therefore, this practice of chanting "Amitabha" is both a receiving and a giving. We receive spiritual energy from the Buddhas every time we chant "Amitabha," and we become a channel of spiritual support to suffering beings in our world every time we chant "Amitabha." We receive and we give with every mindful breath, every mindful step, every mindful chant, every mindful bow. Receiving and giving are the very in-breath and out-breath, the very heart, of our true spiritual life.

Brother ChiSing


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