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11-11-11 Letter of Encouragement
from Brother ChiSing
November 11, 2011

Dear mindful friend,

Happy 11-11-11, a day to be reminded of Oneness, Synchronicity and Alignment!

I hope you can all attend one of the three events today at the Dallas Meditation Center (11:11 am, 7:11-9:11 pm, and 11:11 pm). Otherwise, please practice meditation and mindful living with us in spirit and in solidarity wherever you are.

Today, you can let go of the past and start over again, beginning anew and afresh, here and now. Release, forgive and move forward. "Let go and let God, let be and let Buddha."

The next 13 months on the planet are a critical time of reflection, decision and a chance to turn things around. Let's use this global opportunity of shift, change and transformation wisely. Let's do everything we can to support a Global Awakening.

Recently, during writing meditation, the "Buddha" wrote a letter to me, and I thought I would share it with you to encourage you too. I pray that you will be inspired and uplifted today. Please practice the 11 Spiritual Practices from today onward diligently and consistently and faithfully.

Here is the letter from the "Buddha" —

Dear Child,

I can't wait 'til the day when you
fully and finally realize
how much you are loved!

For then you will stop judging yourself,
criticizing yourself, over-compensating, and
trying so hard to be worthy and loveable.

Oh my Child, my Beloved,
my precious brother-sister,
you are so loved!

The lessons you are learning
are not without value.
Even your mistakes are lessons.
Keep learning from your mistakes
until you no longer make them.
And keep forgiving yourself.
And keep getting back up again
after every failure.

You do not realize it yet, but
this process of falling and getting back up again
is actually what is helping you to grow,
mature, evolve, and to equip you
to be the Buddha that you are and are becoming.

Just do the simple things.
Do what you know to do.
Do those things that support you.
Do healthy things.

For you deserve it.
You are worth it.
Invest in yourself,
because I and the whole Universe
are invested in you
already and always.

P.S. Please listen to these recent Dharma Talks to further encourage you —
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May 1, 2011 - Dallas, Texas
Form Is Emptiness (22 min.)   ◄ RECOMMENDED  
April 10, 2011 - Dallas, Texas

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