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A Letter of THANKS
from Brother ChiSing
November 24, 2011


Dear Friends in the Infinite Light,

Today is Thanksgiving Day, a day of giving thanks.

I am writing to you from a yoga/meditation retreat center in California where I am spending a few days of spiritual practice in Nature, silent solitude, healing and spiritual community. It's called "Expanding Light" and is part of Ananda Village, founded by Guru Paramhansa Yogananda's disciple, Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters). It is one of the most beautiful retreat centers I have ever visited. The people, the housing, the food, and the surroundings are just absolutely exquisite. There is such a feeling of peace, love, and joy here. What a blessing. And very encouraging. There is hope in the world indeed!

Each guest room has a theme for each room, such as the St. Francis room, the Mother Theresa room, the Ghandi room, the Yogananda room, etc. Guess which room I happen to be in? The BUDDHA room! Ha ha ha! I love it! The Universe is increasingly sending me signs of Its care and guidance through synchronicities and "coincidences" such as this. In fact, on my drive over to the retreat center yesterday, I was listening to a Dharma talk on CD and I put it on pause as I took a phone call from a friend. After the call, when I pushed the button to continue playing the CD, the CD player display showed where I had paused it, and it was at 11 minutes and 11 seconds (11:11)! Ha ha ha! I am still in the flow of "Oneness, Synchronicity and Alignment!"

This reminds me of something important I would like to share with all of you.

It is now about 2 weeks after we celebrated 11-11-11. Many of you joined me in the 11 Spiritual Practices during the 11 weeks prior to that symbolic date of Oneness. But some of you may have misunderstood our practice, thinking that 11-11-11 was the conclusion date. In fact however, 11-11-11 was another new beginning, and NOW is the time to keep on deepening our spiritual practices, especially the 11 Spiritual Practices. We have entered into a yearlong time of opportunity to deepen our spiritual life, to enter more deeply into Oneness, Synchronicity and Alignment, in preparation for the symbolic "Great Shift" date of 12-21-12. We have the opportunity to ignite a ripple wave of global awakening across the planet one individual and one community at a time. If you think it will take you several years or lifetimes to realize initial enlightenment, think again. Through the 11 Spiritual Practices, you could very well realize an initial awakening in just one year, perhaps by 12-21-12. There is so much support from the Universe at this time on our planet, which is why this is possible. But we must do our part in cultivating our ability to access this support. The gifts of enlightenment have already been given, but we must unwrap the gift box. Otherwise, enlightenment just remains dormant.

But don't think that spiritual practice ends on 12-21-12 either. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is an end date. It is not an end date; it is a start date. It is a Great New Beginning, another chance to co-create a new way of living on the Earth that is in harmony with Wisdom and Compassion. So don't just sit back and be a spectator, waiting for the end of the world, or waiting for Jesus to come, or waiting for the next Buddha, or waiting for Global Enlightenment to just happen all by itself without your help. No, no, no! YOU ARE A CO-CREATOR OF REALITY! THE EARTH NEEDS YOU TO BECOME GLOBALLY AWAKENED! YOU ARE NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT! AND YOU ARE HERE AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY FOR A VERY SPECIAL REASON! Without you, without your spiritual practice, Global Awakening is not fully possible. We need you, just as much as you need us. So please keep practicing meditation and all the other spiritual practices. Now is not the time to give up or to take a break. It is the time to keep on keeping on.

If you have not been to our large Sunday meditation service in a long time, then please return and start participating each and every week. Come during all of December, especially on December 4 when I will be the speaker. Or come any other Sunday when Shelly Niebuhr, Tashi Nyima, or Andy McDonald is the speaker. It doesn't matter who is speaking. Just come. And practice SANGHA (spiritual community-building). It is all of us meditating together that matters, not any one leader.

If, for some reason, your work schedule does not allow you to attend on Sundays, then come on any other day of the week when we have community meditations. There's something going on every day of every week at the Dallas Meditation Center. You have no excuses not to come at least once a week.

And feel free to listen to my Dharma Talks online when you miss a Sunday. You will be blessed by the messages, especially the ones marked "Recommended." (See below). Just go to the Audio/Video page of our website.

Thank you for your practice, your presence and your participation. Because of you, my life has been enriched this year. And hundreds of lives have been transformed by your support of the Dallas Meditation Center. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brother ChiSing

P.S. Please start to memorize and chant this long AMITABHA Mantra (PURE LAND Rebirth Dharani) now. It will deeply support your ability to access the "Buddha Field" of Infinite Light, Love and Life already and always available to you, within and all around you, here and hereafter --

(AUM) Namo Amitabhaya
Tathagataya Tadyatha
Amrita Bhave
Amrita Siddham Bhave
Amrita Vikrante
Amrita Vikranta
Gamini Gagana
Kirtakare Svaha!

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