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A Personal Letter to YOU
from Brother ChiSing
August 1, 2012


Dear Students of Enlightenment,

Greetings, blessings and "metta" to you!

I am currently on a Disney Cruise to Alaska with 8 other family members, including my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, niece and nephew. This will be my last major vacation for the summer before I go into Autumn work mode, in which I will be present every week at the Dallas Meditation Center from August 11 until December 21 (with a couple of exceptions during my birthday week and Thanksgiving Week). I am enjoying the cruise so far, except for vomiting last night due to motion sea sickness (oh well). A cruise is not really my first choice for a vacation, but my family is paying for the entire week, so I am not complaining! This will probably be the only cruise I ever go on in this lifetime, so I am trying to enjoy each hour and day as mindfully and gratefully as possible. The glaciers today were WAY COOL! Mickey Mouse is making sure that everyone is having a good time. I wonder if he or Donald Duck would like to learn meditation? Maybe I'll ask them tomorrow. …

For those of you who have missed me during the Summer, please be reassured. I am still very committed to being fully present in Dallas, Texas, so that I may be of service to you. Sure, I would love to go back to beautiful and progressive California, but I am not needed there. I feel called to be of service in Dallas because this is where the Dharma is needed. Indeed, I believe that Dallas will become a major center of progressive spirituality sometime in the next decade. I foresee a major spiritual awakening taking place very soon. You and I are truly "pioneers" of the Spirit in Texas. And these are VERY exciting times to be alive!

That said, I did have an insight last week regarding my future summer plans. I am not very fond of the HOT HOT HOT Summer months in Texas. So, I realized that I would like to make it my intention to manifest going away during each Summer, about two weeks during June in New York state, two weeks during July in California or Colorado, and two weeks during August in Seattle. To make this happen, I plan on finding churches and centers in those places that would like for me to facilitate workshops and retreats during the summer. That way, my trips will be paid for, and I will also be doing what I love, in places that I greatly enjoy, while getting a chance to get away from the Texas summer heat for a bit. When this idea came to my spirit last week, I really lit up! Sounds like a great plan to me.

Another inspired idea that came to me this past week is that, in addition to my spiritual music recording, I would also like to write a Dharma book by next year and to practice artistic spiritual photography in which I portray the relationships within and between Heaven, Earth, and Humanity, especially in Nature.


Today is the first day of August, which is a very powerful time of the year (and tomorrow is the Full Moon). It is the mid-point between Summer Solstice (transformation and fulfillment) and Autumn Equinox (balance and abundance). And the energy of this time of the year is one of Preparation and Re-Dedication. So I encourage you to renew your commitments to your Spiritual Practices, Refuge Vows, and daily/weekly Meditations & Mindful Living. In honor of this, I would like to invite you to join me in a 21-Day "Spiritual Practie Period" starting on Saturday, August 11. I will explain more about this and other upcoming "Spiritual Practice Periods" later in my next letter.

This is a very "pregnant" time in Earth and Human history. Don't be surprised if you start to notice more and more inner nudges toward meditation and spiritual growth. For many, innate intuitive or psychic abilities will start to manifest. Much energy and wisdom is being "downloaded" into Earth and Human consciousness, and you will begin to "upload" this energy and wisdom through meditation and spiritual practice. In the following paragraphs, I will share some of this "cosmic information" that I have "downloaded" and "uploaded" so far regarding this present time of history and what is up ahead. I don't claim perfect transmission or absolute interpretation, since all Truth is "filtered" through our limited human minds. But if you deeply meditate on it, I think you will resonate with what I am sharing as relatively "true" on some level.

For the past six years, I believe Humanity has been in the last part of a long and gradual "Preparation" phase in the birthing of a "NEW EARTH." We are now in the last few months of this "Preparation" phase. I believe that the symbolic date of 12-21-12 is the metaphorical "birth date" of the NEW EARTH. But this "birth" is just the beginning. Afterwards, I intuitively sense that we will enter into an approximate 7-year "Purification" phase from about 2013 through 2019. Then, we will enter into a "Perfection" phase or process in which we will collectively continue to grow and mature in planetary Unity, Wisdom, Compassion, Spiritual Empowerment and Enlightenment, through universal spiritual practices; for example, the "Six Paramitas" (or Ten Paramis) as they are expressed in Buddhism. I "see" this occurring from 2020 onward until the entire planet is gradually and fully transformed and matured into the "Paradise" phase of the NEW EARTH sometime in the next Century or so (Buddhists might call it the "Pure Land on Earth" and Christians and others would say "Heaven on Earth"). It's interesting that 2020 is an easy metaphor for "20/20 Vision" in regards to spiritual wisdom and clarity beyond distortion or delusion.

I know this may sound fantastical or impossible, but hey, think about it. Isn't this what Evolution has been growing us toward all along? Isn't this the very purpose and reason for our existence? Is this not our destiny, to become spiritually mature and fully enlightened? I do not believe that the Universe would take billions and billions of years to perfectly produce us, only then for us to fail and fall backwards forever. To me, that would be much more absurd than the NEW EARTH Vision which I have presented above. I believe that there is a Destiny to Evolution. And I believe that this Destiny is our Collective and Universal Enlightenment, no one left behind. All, ALL Beings will be enlightened, without exception. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!!

Bodhi Svaha!
(That's Buddhist for "Yahoo!")


This morning, I awoke with a few different "knowings" that felt like they were being "downloaded" into my personal consciousness from Universal Consciousness. Here is my attempt in words to "upload" what came through. It is only in outline form, but perhaps I will meditate on it during the next few weeks and present a Dharma Talk for you sometime in the next few months.

Each of us has three "bodies" --
  1. Spirit
  2. Soul
  3. Body
These correspond to:
  1. Heaven (upper chakras)
  2. Humanity (heart chakra)
  3. Earth (lower chakras)
And also (looked at as Principle):
  1. BUDDHA - as Existence of Enlightenment
  2. DHARMA - as Expression of Enlightenment
  3. SANGHA - as Embodiment of Enlightenment
Or, alternatively (looked at as Practical Application):
  1. Dharma - as Meaning (Father)
  2. Sangha - as Matrix (Mother)
  3. Buddha - as Manifestation (Child)
And also:
  1. Dharmakaya (Truth Body) = Ultimate Reality
  2. Sambhogakaya (Bliss Body) = Spiritual Reality
  3. Nirmanakaya (Manifestation Body) = Physical Reality
And also:
  1. Vairochana Buddha (Source Buddha) - Dharmakaya
  2. Amitabha Buddha, etc. (Celestial Buddhas) - Sambhogakaya
  3. Shakyamuni Buddha, etc. (Earthly Buddhas) - Nirmanakaya
And, alternatively:
  1. AMITABHA as Source Buddha of "Infinite Light, Love & Life" (Dharmakaya)
  2. BHAISHAJYAGURU as a Celestial Buddha of "Healing" (Sambhogakaya)
  3. SHAKYAMUNI as an Earthly Buddha of "Wisdom" (Nirmanakaya)
In the Far East, the wisdom of Heaven, Humanity and Earth were embodied and developed by the Three Great Religions of China:
  1. Buddhism (transcendentalism)
  2. Confucianism (humanism)
  3. Taoism (shamanism)
In Christianity, these Three Wisdoms are embodied as:
  1. Father (Source)- "Dharmakaya" (Ultimate Person of the Trinity)
  2. Holy Spirit (Empowerer) - "Sambhogakaya" (Bliss Person of the Trinity)
  3. Son (Incarnation) - "Nirmanakaya" (Manifestation Person of the Trinity)
Or, alternatively, as:
  1. Father - Theos (God) - Source of Creation
  2. Son - Christos / Logos (Word) - Unitive Order of Creation
  3. Holy Spirit - Pneuma (Spirit-in-All) - Inter-Relational Diversity of Creation
In my own personal life and in the lives of a growing many others in Western culture, these Three Wisdoms were experienced through three different spiritual traditions during three different stages of our spiritual journeys, which can be expressed as "Bodhi-Christo-Gaia":
  1. "Bodhi" (mind of the Buddha) - Wisdom
  2. "Christo" (heart of the Christ) - Love
  3. "Gaia" (body of the Earth) - Power

And, of course, you can find these Three correspondences in every religion, tradition and spiritual path, not just in Buddhism and Christianity.

Spirit, Soul and Body can be further sub-divided into 5 "bodies", since Soul can be sub-divided into 3 aspects:
  1. Spirit
  2. (Soul) Will
  3. (Soul) Mind
  4. (Soul) Heart
  5. Body
These 5 correspond to:
  1. Causal Body
  2. Volitional Body
  3. Mental Body
  4. Emotional Body
  5. Physical Body
Also, the Buddha's teachings on the 5 "skandhas" (aggregates) can also correspond to this:
  1. Consciousness
  2. Volition (mental formations)
  3. Perceptions (impulses)
  4. Feelings (sensations)
  5. Form (body)
The Buddhist teachings on the "Eight Consciousnesses" can also correspond to this:
  1. Store-Consciousness (alaya-vijnana) - memory, etc. (8th Consc.)
  2. Self-Consciousness (manas) - ego interpreter deluded until enlightened (7th Consc.)
  3. Mind-Consciousness (chitta) - the 6th "sense" (thought perception)
  4. The 1st through 5th Sense-Consciousnesses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching)
  5. [Physical Organs of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body]
These 5 can be summarized by the following "I" statements:
  1. "I AM"
  2. "I Choose"
  3. "I Think"
  4. "I Feel"
  5. "I Do"
And also these states of being or action:
  1. BEING
  2. Choosing
  3. Thinking
  4. Feeling
  5. Doing
These 5 bodies can be further sub-divided into 7 bodies (which correspond to the 7 "chakras"), since the Physical Body can be sub-divided into 3 parts:
  1. 7th Chakra = Causal / Spirit
  2. 6th Chakra = Volitional / Will (and Wisdom)
  3. 5th Chakra = Mental / Mind (and Manifestation)
  4. 4th Chakra = Emotional / Heart
  5. 3rd Chakra = (Physical) Self energy (individual)
  6. 2nd Chakra = (Physical) Sexual energy (relational)
  7. 1st Chakra = (Physical) Survival energy (familial/tribal/planetary)
And finally, these 3/5/7 bodies can be further sub-divided into 12 bodies or levels of reality, since the physical body can also be sub-divided not only into 3 aspects but also 7:
  1. Ultimate Reality (Emptiness --> Oneness)
  2. Causal Reality (Unity --> Duality) = "Yin" & "Yang"
  3. Volitional Body
  4. Mental Body
  5. Emotional Body
  6. Subtle Energy Body ("prana" / "qi")
  7. Electro-Magnetic Body Energy
  8. Chemical Body Energy
  9. Biological Body Matter (organic life)
  10. Molecular Matter
  11. Atomic & Sub-Atomic Matter
  12. Space/Time/Energy (Quantum Field)

In the above 12 listings, the first 2 correspond to the Spiritual Levels of Reality, the next 3 correspond to the Psychological levels, and the last 7 correspond to the subtle, fine and gross levels of Physical Reality (actually, the last one cannot really be described as "gross" for it is the "Quantum Field" Source of space/time/energy-matter).

WOW! All this was "downloaded" within the first 5 minutes of my waking this morning. WHEW!

Of course, some of this material was already floating around in my mind's "store consciousness" this past year but this morning it all just suddenly "clicked" together into place so clearly and powerfully.

If this can happen to me, then it can definitely happen to you. So MEDITATE, people! What are you waiting for? There is SO MUCH cosmic wisdom that is now being "downloaded" into our Collective Consciousness. It's up to YOU to personally "upload" it and make use of it during this critical and AMAZING time in history and be of service to ALL BEINGS in the 21st Century and beyond.

"To Infinity and Beyond!"

Bodhi Svaha!


Okay, well, that's all I feel like I can write for now. In my next letter, which I will send sometime this week or next, I will finally share my reflections on my retreat experiences in New York state from a couple of months ago (which I had promised), as well as a personal and experiential reflection on Amitabha and especially BHAISHAJYAGURU the Medicine Buddha of Healing. I will also share more about the next few "Spiritual Practice Periods" in September and November, as well as the 21-Day "Spiritual Practice Period" starting on Saturday, August 11, which will inaugurate my official return from my summer trips and the beginning of the intensive Autumn schedule at Dallas Meditation Center. As I said earlier, starting on August 11, beginning with the "Meditation REJUVENATION Retreat" on Saturday morning, I will be present every week at DMC and every Sunday at "Awakening Heart" (5-7 pm) until 12-21-12 (with a couple of exceptions for my birthday and Thanksgiving). This is my commitment to you. And I ask you to make the same commitment to me, to yourself, and to the Sangha community. Please intensify your meditation practice and increase or regularize your attendance at Sangha and retreats starting on August 11. I hope to see all of you on Saturday for the Morning Retreat and on Sunday for "Awakening Heart" (August 12, 5:00-7:00 pm). My Dharma Talk that Sunday will be on "Twelve ESSENTIAL Teachings of the BUDDHA" (part 5). It will be very powerful, and you won't want to miss it.

See you there very soon!


In joyful gratitude,
Brother ChiSing


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