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Happy New Year! Enjoy this visualization meditation
on the "Buddha of Infinite Light"

From Brother ChiSing
January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Thank you to the 30 persons who attended yesterday afternoon's New Year (and New Moon!) retreat. It was such a blessing!!! If you didn't attend, you can still celebrate New Year with us this Saturday morning (Yoga/Meditation Retreat w/ Brother ChiSing & Andy McDonald) or afternoon (Beginners Meditation Workshop) and this Sunday 5-7 pm at "Awakening Heart" here at the Dallas Meditation Center. The theme this weekend, this month and this year is "Infinite Light, Infinite Love, and Infinite Life." See you soon!

PLEASE ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL VISUALIZATION MEDITATION, in preparation for the meditations we will practice this weekend, this month, and this year --


(adapted by Brother ChiSing from Tulku Thondup's
"The Healing Power of Loving-Kindness: A Guided Buddhist Meditation"


With your mind's eye, visualize a totally vast, open, and immaculate sky in front of you. There are no clouds, mountains, or ocean, but only deep and clear blue sky. Look around; there are no limits or boundaries to the sky, it is boundless. Now appreciate it with positive words or thoughts. How clear and open this amazing sky is! How boundless and spacious it is! How beautiful it is! Then enjoy the feeling of the positive qualities of the sky in you. Feel the immaculate quality of the sky in you. Feel the spaciousness and boundless qualities of the sky in you. Fully open your heart to the pure and clear qualities of the sky and enjoy them, returning to that feeling again and again.

As your mind is projecting and feeling the qualities of the sky, if you let your mind enjoy and feel the feelings of the pure sky, soon the qualities of your mind will transform into the pure open qualities of the sky.

Now, in the middle of the vast and pure sky, visualize a huge flower. It is huge like a mountain. It is radiant and luminous as if it is made of rainbow light. It is colorful and fresh with dewdrops. Millions and billions of its petals are fully open and blossoming. Keep looking at the amazing flower again and again. Then appreciate the beauty and qualities of the flower. Feel the fresh and radiant qualities of the blossoming flower in your mind and body, returning to the feeling again and again if your mind wanders. Fully open your heart and inhale and enjoy the qualities of the flower.

Then, on top of the flower, visualize a disk-shaped seat cushion that is made of light and radiates soft light, like the moon. This is traditionally called a moon seat, or moon cushion. This moon cushion is made of white light. It is clear, pure, shining, and radiant. The moon cushion covers two-thirds of the top of the flower. Keep looking at the amazing moon cushion. Fully open your heart, and inhale and enjoy the qualities of the moon cushion, again and again.

Then on the throne of the giant flower and moon cushion, visualize the embodiment of Universal Enlightenment (Our True Divine Nature) symbolically represented as AMITABHA, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Love and Life. "His" (Her/Its/Their) presence fills the greater part of the sky in front of you (Buddha Nature is beyond male or female gender, and is both One and Many).

"His" body is a body of clear light, golden light, or rainbow light. It is radiant, luminous, translucent, and intangible. He is said to be transparent, not solid, so we can see through Him, although we see Him vividly. The purpose of seeing Him this way is to let go of our habits and concepts of seeing, of taking objects to be real and solid and concrete. When we train by seeing images as insubstantial, our own mental perceptions will start to be more flexible and more open.

This is a stepping-stone that leads to the state of blossoming and opening fully into a state of nonduality.

His body is so large that it is as if His head is touching the sky. All these qualities symbolize the purity and boundless quality of the Buddha. His complexion is golden and shining, as if it is a crystal mountain touched by the light of thousands of suns, to symbolize His immaculate Buddha qualities. He is wearing a monastic robe of light, radiant like precious jewels, to symbolize the spiritual richness of the enlightened qualities of the Buddha.

He is sitting firmly in meditative posture on the moon cushion to symbolize that the Buddha always remains in a state of evenness (equanimity) without wavering and changing.

The Buddha is beyond aging and decay. His fresh, blossoming face is filled with a soft smile of gentle joy, as there is not even a trace of sorrow in Him. His beautiful eyes have the softness of a deer's and they are looking at you directly as His omniscient wisdom sees all directly, distinctively, and simultaneously. His loving eyes are looking at you without blinking, to symbolize that he is looking at and caring for you with unconditional love with no interruption. His body is surrounded by auras, colorful rings of light. Rays of blessing light from His body are being emitted in all directions, illuminating the darkness everywhere as His blessings reach all.

The enlightened mind of the Buddha of Infinite Light has three major qualities. See, remember, and feel them by meditating on each of the following:

  1. INFINITE LIGHT — His omniscient wisdom sees all things as they appear and knows their True Nature as it is. He sees all the beings and all the events that occur in the universe, and He sees them simultaneously. He sees all the details of every particle of your body clearly. He sees all the details of your body and everything that occurs in your mind vividly. He sees your past, your present, and your future with perfect clarity. And He sees all the details of the lives of every being, and all the details of the whole universe. He knows all your needs and how to fulfill them. (Shakyamuni Buddha is another embodiment of this wisdom.)

  2. INFINITE LOVE — His pure and unconditional love and compassion manifest as His care for every person as His only child. He is in touch with and caresses every particle of your body and all aspects of your mind with His boundless and universal love. He cares for every being and for the whole universe with His unconditional and boundless love. (Amitabha's bodhisattvic manifestation as Avalokiteshvara, also known as Quan Yin the Divine Mother, is another expression of this love.)

  3. INFINITE LIFE — His limitless blessing power fulfills the needs of every being simultaneously, the needs of whomever is open. If you keep the doors and windows of your room closed, the sunlight will have no chance to come in, but as soon as you open them, the room will be filled with the light of the sun. Likewise, if your mind is open, Buddha's blessing power will always be ready to come in to fulfill your wishes. (Bhaishajyaguru, the Medicine Buddha of Healing, is another embodiment of this blessing power.)

After reflecting on these qualities, feel the presence of the Buddha of Infinite Light and Love and Life:

Feel the warmth and comfort of the presence of the Buddha, as if you are sitting by a fire in freezing winter. The coldness and frozen mentality and emotions that you harbor in your mind cause frigidity, sadness, and hopelessness. Feel now that they are melted and dissolved by the warmth of the Buddha's presence.

Feel the security of the presence of the Buddha. Now you have the Buddha's omniscient wisdom, unconditional love, and boundless power with you, as your Source of blessing and support; He is your Protector and Friend. There is no reason for you to feel fear or loneliness. In the presence of the Buddha, the Ultimate Protector, all the feelings of fear, loneliness, vulnerability, insecurity, and injury that you endure have disappeared and vanished from the depth of your consciousness. Not even a trace of them is left behind.

Feel fulfilled and nurtured by the presence of the Buddha. In the presence of the Triple Buddha of Wisdom, Love, and Power, all your needs are fulfilled, nothing is lacking. Now even if you are sick, poor, or dying, nothing will make you feel lacking or unhappy, as you have found the ever-present Buddha of Wisdom, Love, and Power in yourself, in your life, and in all.

Recognize and remember the identity of the Buddha of Infinite Light: AMITABHA is not just a Buddhist figure. He is the embodiment of all the Enlightened Ones, the Buddhas, bodhisattvas, saints, sages, and enlightened masters of all times and places and religions.

He is not an individual, separate from other beings. He is the manifestation of the pure nature and qualities of the whole universe in the form of the Buddha of Infinite Light and Love and Life.

Most important, He is not someone else. He is the reflection of the enlightened nature and qualities of your own mind, which is appearing in front of you in the form of the Buddha of Infinite Light. If you look into a mirror, you will see your own face looking back at you. Likewise, the reflection of the wisdom, love, and power of your own mind appears in the form of the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Buddha in front of you. So if you meditate on seeing and feeling the Buddha of Infinite Light, Infinite Love, and Infinite Life, then the light, love and life of your own heart will be awakened, strengthened, refined, and perfected into ultimate and universal wisdom, love, and blessing power.

Who is seeing and feeling the Buddha of Infinite Light? Your mind is seeing and feeling it. When you are able to see the presence of the Buddha of loving-kindness and compassion in front of you, and if you allow yourself to feel and enjoy it as such, your mind is waking up to the thoughts and feelings of loving-kindness and compassion. The enlightened nature of your mind is starting to manifest its fundamental qualities. And when your mind becomes the mind of loving-kindness and compassion, all the images that you see, such as mountains, trees, and people, will spontaneously become images of loving-kindness and compassion for you. All the sounds that you hear and all the feelings that you experience will spontaneously become the sounds of loving-kindness and compassion for you. Then, in turn, the absolute nature and pure qualities of your own mind — ultimate peace, love, and wisdom — will be reflected again, as the Buddha of Infinite Light in front of you, like the shining moon reflecting in a beautiful pond. So, if you realize it, the Buddha of Infinite Light is in you and in all.

The presence of the Buddha in front of you — to whom you pray and from whom you receive blessings — is like a key to open up your mind, so that you can be awakened as the all-pervading, universal Buddha of Infinite Light.

Thus, you can see the Buddha of Infinite Light as the embodiment of infinite Enlightened Ones. Or if you prefer, you could visualize infinite Enlightened Beings in the sky around the Buddha of Infinite Light, like a huge assembly. They have bodies of light in various postures, robes, and activities; They have minds of Wisdom, Love, and Power. They are all looking at you with unconditional love and care. Feel the love and care of infinite powerful Enlightened Ones, all the time.

Again, return to and refresh your visualization of the amazingly beautiful and luminous body of light of the Buddha. Enjoy the loving eyes of the Buddha and His ageless, clear, and radiant face filled with the smile of joy and peace. Feel the omniscient Wisdom, the unconditional Love, and boundless Power of the Buddha. And enjoy the warmth, security, and fulfillment of the presence of the Buddha, again and again.


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