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New Moon
From Brother ChiSing
March 1, 2014

Dear Mindful Friends & Students of Enlightenment,

My schedule for this month has changed a bit (yet again), and I will be able to be present at the Dallas Meditation Center during much of March. So, please attend meditation this Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday as we celebrate LOSAR (Tibetan Buddhist New Year).

I have good news from the doctors this past week. According to my recent scans as compared to a couple months ago, the cancer tumor in my head has not grown. So, THANK YOU for all your affirmative prayers and healing Light meditations! I believe we can shrink this tumor together through our collective energy during the next year. I think it is very possible that we will be able to disappear this cancer tumor through collective spiritual practice by 2015. NAMO AMITABHA! :-)

I would also like to share with you that I have had some wonderful insights so far during this healing journey. I realize now that this cancer is not just about me at all. It is rather a "bodhisattvic" opportunity for all of YOU to increase your positive merit by giving you an opportunity to be more blessed by your blessing of me and others on the Bodhisattva Path. I have noticed that many of you have been able to receive this blessing by your service and support of me during this challenging time (including, thank God, my family). And, unfortunately, I have also noticed a minority of persons who have failed to take hold of this opportunity for merit and blessing. For example, I noticed at the airport the other day that there were some wonderful souls who went out of their way to be helpful to me with my luggage. And I also noticed one lady who failed miserably to receive merit and blessing by her rudeness and impatience in the airport security line, LOL. Oh well!

Many of you have chosen rightly to increase your spiritual practice during this challenging time of my "health opportunity" with cancer. But some of you have mistakenly lessened your commitments to the Dharma during this time as well. One sister admitted to me that when she first heard of my situation, she became scared and stopped coming to meditation for a few weeks because she did not want to face the truth of impermanence, fragility and sickness/death. Fortunately, however, she realized the fallacy of this reaction, and has since returned to the Sangha.

I want you all to consider this, that what I am currently going through is not only about my own personal karmic journey of lessons, but more importantly it is about giving YOU a major opportunity to increase your spiritual merit through your positive actions of body, speech and mind in relation to me and others. This is what bodhisattvas do, especially when they fall ill or go through difficulties or the dying process. I cannot say that I am a true Bodhisattva yet, but I do believe that I am on the Path toward that ideal of enlightened service. Everything a Bodhisattva does is for the benefit of others and all beings. This includes going through illness, difficulty and even dying. Bodhisattvas are blessing beings by giving them opportunities of service and thus elevating their spiritual energy and consciousness through positive merit and transformed karma.

My heart's sincere prayer is that you will take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity now to increase your positive merit. Your life is about to enter into a wonderful new phase of spiritual evolution and transformation. I hope you will let yourself be blessed by blessing me and others during this amazing time.

Please listen to Dharma Talks that you may have missed, and please continue to attend the Sangha and to support the Center with your generosity this year, whether I am physically present or absent.

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I would like to conclude this email by sharing with you a letter that deeply touched my heart last week. I would love to receive more letters like this! What a blessing --


Dear Brother ChiSing,

My first time to visit the Dallas Meditation Center was a month ago when you spoke about your "health opportunity" with cancer at the "Awakening Heart" Sunday 5 PM Meditation Service. During your Dharma Talk you said we could all "share" in the cancer. At first I was a little shocked to hear you say that because it was my first time and it seemed like a lot to ask. But I accepted your words and later reflected on them. I didn't realize at the time what a gift it would be. I was also shocked by your request for prayers. I have never been a member of a Buddhist community but I have studied alone for many years (my spiritual community for the past 14 years has been a Unity Church in Austin). I didn't think Buddhists prayed! Of course, I am happy to oblige but was surprised nonetheless. I wanted to share with you how sharing in the cancer has been a blessing in my life.

Service has been an integral part of my spiritual practice for many years but I recently moved to Dallas and am very busy, so finding the time and opportunity to serve has not been realistic. Now I have a mission: to share in the cancer and to pray for you while I sit in meditation. How amazing is that?! I get to have another reason to sit in meditation and something outside of myself to focus on. It has been a true blessing to be able to do that and to feel like I really am of service… all while I'm sitting in meditation.

The second blessing has been one of perspective. I have overcome very real challenges in my life but we forget with time how to live with humility. I am reminded and able to stay present some of the time to the gratitude that comes with realizing how truly fragile and precious life is.

My heart is heavy that you are going away now for a few months for cancer treatment. Please know that I will continue to hold a pure healing light for you and that I will think of you often. I eagerly await your return.

With love, light and gratitude, "E.B." (2-15-14)


Thank you for your mindful and committed practice. Please keep deepening in the Dharma. Your life and my life and the life of the whole world is about to go into major acceleration mode. Spiritual evolution is about to go exponential! Hold onto your "horses" during this Year of the Horse, things are about to speed up and enlighten up BIG TIME!

Namaste and Namo Amitabha, Brother ChiSing


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