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The Samadhi of Everyday Life And Death
(plus the Real Meaning of Resurrection)

From Brother ChiSing
April 24, 2014

Dear Students of Enlightenment,

Happy Earth Day Week! I hope you all had a wonderfully spiritual Easter this past weekend. Mine was absolutely GLORIOUS! I had just gotten back from a 10-day Healing Qigong Retreat out in Northern California, and it was so helpful to me in my current healing process from cancer.

I want all of you to check out this short POWERFUL YouTube video on "Wisdom Healing Qigong." I highly recommend this amazing practice to everyone, especially for those facing serious or chronic illness. I have also attached a PDF file of the introductory booklet to "Wisdom Healing Qigong." Please please please take a look at the video and at least skim through the booklet and check out their website. You will be BLESSED for it! Thank you!


Go to this video on YouTube

BOOKLET: Click here to get the booklet.

WEBSITE: www.ChiCenter.com

This past Sunday, many many members came up to me afterwards and said they wanted a copy of my Easter Dharma Talk as soon as possible to forward to friends. So many of you told me that you thought this was the most POWERFUL and SINCERE and IMPACTFUL Dharma Talk you have ever heard from me. If you missed our 5:00 PM "Awakening Heart" Sunday Sangha community meditation this past Easter Sunday, then please listen to my message online:

The Samadhi of Everyday Life and Death, Plus the Real Meaning of Resurrection (30 min.)   ◄ VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  
Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 - Dallas, Texas

Here are some highlights from my Dharma Talk:

Caterpillar ---> Cocoon ---> Butterfly

"Home Is Who You Are, when you're no longer looking elsewhere."

And here is another little "revelation" I received from Spirit. For shorthand purposes, I use the word "God" in one of the lines, which can also be translated as "Buddha Nature" or "Ultimate Reality" or "Tao" or "Great Spirit" or simply TRUTH. If you do not resonate with the word "God" then choose another word that means for you "Infinite Light, Infinite Love, Infinite Life."

Matter is really Energy.
Energy is really Mind.
Mind is really Spirit.
Spirit is really God.
God is really All There Is!

I want to continue to encourage you to make the intention to attend group meditation at least once a week, and follow through on your commitment. At the very least, once a month could be the bare minimum. And if you cannot attend even just once a month, but you believe in what we do, then make a monthly donation by automatic bank check or credit card or PayPal. That way, even if you cannot always attend group meditation at least weekly or once a month, your generosity can still continue unimpeded, helping us to help all beings, especially in the Dallas area. WE CANNOT CONTINUE OUR VERY IMPORTANT MINISTRY WITHOUT YOUR REGULAR ATTENDANCE OR GENEROSITY.

Gift link:
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I look forward to seeing all of you in the next few weeks as we get closer to our Four Year Anniversary Celebration of the Dallas Meditation Center as well as WESAK, Buddha's Birthday, Enlightenment Day, and Great Nirvana Day . . . on Sunday, May 18, 2014, 5:00-7:00 PM. Please mark your calendars now. This is something you won't want to miss!

(I bow to the Infinite Light of Who You Really Are)

Brother ChiSing


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