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Buddha's Birthday is YOUR Birthday
From Brother ChiSing
May 14, 2014

Dear Students of Enlightenment,

Today, on the Full Moon of Taurus, is WESAK, which celebrates the Buddha's Birthday (around 2,600 years ago), Enlightenment (at age 35), and Passing into Great Nirvana (at age 80).

Today, I am personally starting a 108-Day "Spiritual Practice Period" which will culminate around my 45th birthday on September 2. I am dedicating myself every day during these 108 days to more intensive spiritual practice as well as holistic healing.

PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR WESAK CELEBRATION THIS SUNDAY, MAY 18, 5-7 PM, AT "AWAKENING HEART" @ DALLAS MEDITATION CENTER. This is also a celebration of our Four Year Anniversary. So please bring family, children, friends, and neighbors. The vegetarian potluck dinner will follow after.

Please pray and meditate with me, and join me in this 108-Day "Spiritual Practice Period." And especially pray with me during June 1-14, when I go to Brazil to see the famous world-renowned Spiritist healer "John of God" whom Oprah and many others love. If you would like to contribute to my Cancer Healing Fund, your donations make all my holistic healing treatments possible this summer. Please go to Give Forward at:


Recently, I wrote a letter to a spiritual friend of mine, and toward the end of the letter, I felt a "Presence" in my mind and through my hands as I wrote the last paragraph. Later, in the shower, I heard another sentence. So, here is that "channeled" message, edited for you --

"Healing is never an individual journey alone.
It is a healing journey precisely because it is done together with others.
Thus is healing a holy relationship of mutual support.
All miracles are really only miracles of love.
And love always involves at least two joining as one.
Love is who we are, and by extension love is what we give and receive.
Healing, by nature, is a shared experience.
Indeed, sharing is the miracle itself."

Here are some various comments and answers to questions that I posted on Facebook and elsewhere recently --

    Chrysalis, Monarch butterfly
    Monarch butterfly one hour after emerging from its chrysalis. Photo by Cornell Kinderknecht
  • A SIGN FROM HEAVEN FOR MY HEALING! On Wednesday, April 30, my very promising new alternative medicine GcMAF arrived from Europe (www.GcMAF.eu). During that same hour, the cocoon which a mindful friend gave me as a gift began to hatch at the Dallas Meditation Center. Here is the picture of the beautiful BUTTERFLY which emerged as a sign of hope for my healing! Thank you, Universe!!!
  • (QUESTION ON WHY THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT DATES FOR BUDDHA'S BIRTHDAY) The majority of Buddhists voted a few decades ago to agree on a common date to celebrate WESAK: Buddha's birth, enlightenment and passing into Great Nirvana. It is the Full Moon day in Taurus, which is usually the full moon day in May in our calendar. The Chinese, though, may still use the Chinese Lunar calendar (8th day of 4th month) which also usually falls in May, and the Japanese all now use the Gregorian calendar but with Chinese dates in mind (April 8th). Also, the Japanese calendar and others split the three events into different dates during the seasons, such as Buddha's birth in spring, his enlightenment in winter, etc. I guess it can sound confusing to Christians who have all their Christmas/Easter dates already determined. Unfortunately, there is no Buddhist Pope in Buddhism that tells all the majority of Buddhists when and what to do. But then again, maybe that's a good thing. ;-)
  • (QUESTION ON BUDDHA AS A STORY LIKE JESUS) Yes, Buddha is a story like Jesus, but Buddha is also a real human being who lived and taught 2,600 years ago. Buddha is also a powerful Spiritual Technology that has been developed and refined and variously reformed and applied throughout several centuries, starting in Asia, and now globally across the entire world. And, Buddha is also the Cosmic Principle of Enlightenment that transcends all boundaries and cultures and religions. Buddha is the Essence of all Enlightened Beings in the Universe. Buddha is Who You Truly Are (but I am not speaking to your Ego when I tell you that YOU are Buddha, hint hint). But if you want to insist that Buddha and Jesus are stories, remember too that YOU also are a story, and so am I, and so is everyone else. AND we are so much more than these stories! LOL

    May I recommend that you all consider reading Thich Nhat Hanh's books "The Art of Communication" and "Joyfully Together" which contain wonderful practices such as "Beginning Anew" --

    1. First share what is positive (gratitudes),
    2. Then share how you may have been unskillful (confessions),
    3. Next, you may honestly share a hurt supposedly caused by the other person (keeping it shorter than steps one and two, and without anger and blame),
    4. And finally, share what your positive hopes are for reconciliation and beginning anew, and any insights and new understandings.

    My spiritual vision for all meditation communities in the Dallas area has always been one of cooperation and mutual support. My dream has always been that all of us can use our finances skillfully by sharing space and co-buying a building or two together, or at least mutual borrowing (perhaps one in the city and one in the countryside). If we buy separately, we waste a lot of money and can only buy small buildings. But if we cooperate and share, we can save a lot of money, being good stewards of the precious donations entrusted to us, and can buy much larger buildings, to be of service to many more beings in the Dallas area. But as long as we remain sectarian and denominational, we will always be small and limited. The teaching of "non-self" applies not only to individuals but also to communities as well.

    I want to encourage your community to have at least one meditation session per week or month where you can have intentional circle sharing time for Sangha members immediately after meditation. This is not meant to be a business meeting or a classroom Q&A session. This is an opportunity for sharings from the heart about what is going on in each person's life, practice and insights. It is important that this be done in an intentional container of sacred space, which is why it is best done right after meditation. This is very different than simply having "chit-chat" time in the hallways or "socializing" at a cafe after meditation.

    If a spiritual community does not allow regular intentional structured time for sharing and listening to one another heartfully, but only relying on "just silence" together, or when the only time for such structured sharing is just about ness or problems, then there will inevitably arise some dysfunctionality and misunderstandings over time.

    I am not your teacher; but I am your brother. There is much value in the vertical teacher-student relationship. Is there not also great value in the horizontal Sangha relationships between brothers and sisters? We take refuge not only in Buddha and Dharma, but also Sangha. But taking refuge in Sangha cannot just be theoretical. It must be made practical, tangible, real and manifest, to be authentic and genuine.

    Let me be of service to you, as you have been of service to me.

    May we all learn to be truly a local Sangha with one another so that the rest of the world may know by our example how to be a global Sangha, for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

  • (I HAD A DREAM WHERE I WAS SPEAKING AT AN EVENING INTERFAITH GATHERING WITH CANDLES ON THE WATER) "God is Many, God is One, God is None." These are not meant to be doctrinal statements, but rather they are invitations for MEDITATION which, when deeply practiced, will lead to Transcendent Insight beyond the paradox of opposites. Both Polytheism and Monotheism and even Atheism are all True, as well as False. Ultimate Reality cannot be conceptualized. It is to be EXPERIENCED. So I don't care what you believe ABOUT God. But I do care that your meditation is leading you to the experience OF God, the experience of Divine LOVE, COMPASSION, JOY and EQUANIMITY here and now.

And last but not least, please enjoy this Video Interview which was made a couple of years ago shortly after my practice of being a temporary "Monk for a Month." I had the flu too, but because of an experience of light Samadhi, the flu didn't bother me at all. I hope you enjoy this short YouTube which was finally posted online last week --


Please attend this Sunday's WESAK meditation celebration. I look forward to seeing you for this very special occasion. Thank you for supporting my healing and the healing of the world through your spiritual practice of SANGHA (and not just Buddha and Dharma). May you be blessed to be a blessing!

(I bow to the Infinite Light of Who You Really Are)

Brother ChiSing


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