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Special Message from Brother ChiSing
60 Days of Healing (from Earth Day to Summer Solstice)
April 22 - June 21, 2015

Healing Light APRIL 22 - JUNE 21
(60 Days of Healing)

Dear Spiritual Friends,

Beginning today on Earth Day, I am requesting that you hold me and yourself and others in daily HEALING prayers and meditations, for the next 60 days until Summer Solstice.

I wanted to write more today, but I am feeling somewhat weak today. So I hope to write a "Part 2" to this letter later when I have more energy.

Please memorize the Medicine Buddha mantra (Healing Dharani) —
        • words (pdf)
        • chant (mp3)
                • 10-minute chant (mp3)
                • 20-minute chant (mp3)

Here is a sample HEALING PRAYER which you can use each day —

Beloved Spirit,
Source of All and Everything, and my True Self:
You are the Infinite Light
You are the Infinite Love
You are the Infinite Life
of all Enlightened Teachers and Awakening Beings!
You are the Reality of Wholeness of which I am a part.
I am always in the Center of Your Heart of Grace.
I am eternally a Divine manifestation of Enlightenment, here and now.
This body, this mind, this Consciousness,
is an expression of Wisdom and Compassion,
Peace and Joy, Goodness and Beauty!

I recognize and receive the many Blessings of the Universe.
I allow myself to be a channel of blessing to all beings.
I pray for Brother ChiSing, holding him in the Light
of perfect Health, Healing and Wholeness.
I pray the same for myself and all beings.
I see Brother ChiSing as completing his healing process NOW
from all cancer or tumor or any other affliction in his body or mind.
I hold the spiritual vision of Brother ChiSing rejoicing victoriously
by the Summer Solstice of June 21, 2015,
with NO trace of tumor or cancer left in his body.
I affirm that Brother ChiSing has the vision in his right eye completely restored.
I know that he is completely protected from any harm from the medical therapies
he will be treated with during the entire month of May.
I pray for complete Health, Healing and Wholeness
for Brother ChiSing and for myself and for all beings everywhere!

I rejoice in the Real Power of True Prayer and Meditation.
My spiritual practice is never in vain, never for nothing.
I give thanks that I am a Divine co-creator in this Divine Universe.
I am so grateful that my deepest intentions and beliefs
have the Divine Power of Manifestation.
"I let go and let God; I let be and let Buddha!"
I entrust my sincere prayers and meditations to You
and to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
I rejoice and I celebrate the abundant assistance
of Angelic energies and Spiritual Guidance.
Truly, "I Am Home."
Truly, "Thy Will Be Done."
Truly, "All Is Well."
Truly, "I Am Safe, I Am Loved, I Am Free."
Truly, the Pure Land of the Buddha is here and now!
Truly, the Kingdom of Heaven is right here on Earth!

And So It Is!

Brother ChiSing


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